Welcome to the electronic version of the Fast Matrix Solver (FMS) Manual. This document has been designed to help you find the information you need as quickly as possible.

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FMS PDF Manual You may also view the manual as a PDF document online by clicking on the View PDF Online link at the top of this page. Depending on your browser and plugins, the bookmark pane on the left used for navigation and the links at the top to move between pages may not function properly. Installing Adobe Reader (or a similar utility) may solve some of these problems, especially on mobile devices (tablets, etc.). If your browser gives you the option to view it with Adobe Reader, select it.

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The HTML version can be downloaded as a compressed tar file. For instructions on downloading and installing this version, refer to the document

Installing the FMS Electronic Manual

for further instructions.


Both the HTML and PDF versions are available to download. The following table provides the links and file information:
FMSlib Manual Downloads
Download Link File Name Size Updated
HDML Version fmsman.tar.gz 1.3M Thursday, 11-May-2017 09:35:32 MDT
PDF Version FMS_Manual.pdf 2.1M Thursday, 11-May-2017 09:53:14 MDT

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