Data Type


Default Value



This parameter controls how much information is printed about each GPU. The following values are bit flags. To obtain the value for GPUPR, add the selected options. The following options are available:

  • 0, Print no information.
  • +1, Print general GPU hardware configuration at startup for each device.
    Indicate any devices not used by FMS due to insufficient compute capablilty. The information printed includes the model, capability, compute mode, number of multiprocessors, number of cores, amount of memory, driver and runtime versions and the board serial number.
  • +2, Print all remaining information for each GPU.
    This includes the information available from nvndia-smi at startup including temperature, fan speed, and error correcting logs.
  • +4, Print each task as the GPU is initialized.
  • +8, Print the percentage of work done by the CPU's and GPU's as they are adjusted.
    This requires the FMS Parameters IMMPCT and ITRPCT to be in the range 1 to 99.

The following flags are primarily used for software development and testing.

  • +16, Record timing events at the start and end of each call to the GPU's.
    This option is required to use any of the following options.
  • +32, Print wall time used and the percentage for major functions.
    This includes matrix multiply, triangle solve, synchronous transfers and other for each GPU function call.
  • +64, Print information about each event as it is being recorded.
  • +128, Print internal debugging information used for development.
    May require the routine to be compiled with the debug option.