GPU Parameters
Index NAME Function
D.2.1 GPUFL Master flag to control what calculations are performed on the GPU
D.2.2 GPUPR Print output level
D.2.3 MAXGPU Number of GPU processors to use
D.2.4 IMMPCT Percent of matrix multiple work done by CPUs
D.2.5 ITRPCT Percent of triangle solve work done by CPUs
D.2.6 CSAFE Amount to decrease CPU work from GPU work
D.2.7 GPUPCT Percent of GPU free memory to use
D.2.8 NOPIN Do not pin host memory
D.2.9 ICHUNK Processing block size
D.2.10 GPUCPU Bind GPU thread to CPU cores
D.2.11 MNCORE Only use GPUs with MNCORE cores
D.2.12 MAXEVT Maximum recorded events on a call (read-only)
D.2.13 CUPATH Path to nvidia-smi program
D.2.14 GPUTHI GPU temperature to stop processing for cooling
D.2.15 GPUTLO GPU temperature to restart processing from cooling
D.2.16 MAXTWS Maximum number of seconds for GPU cooling