FMS uses environment variables for customizing the software to your environment.

Setting Environment Variables

Setting environment variables depends on your operating system. In the discussion below, we will set the environment variable envar to value.


export envar=value (ksh)
setenv envar value (csh)


  1. Open the control panel (right-click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner)
  2. Select "System and Security"
  3. Select "System".
  4. Select "Advanced system settings".
  5. In the window that pops up, select "Environment Variables"
  6. In the window that pops up, select "New..." under "System variables".
  7. In the "Variable name" box, enter the name of the environment variable, envar
  8. In the "Variable value" box, enter the value of the variable, value
  9. Click OK
  10. Close the other two windows by clicking "OK".

Environment Variables used by FMS

FMS Environment Variables
Variable Description
FMSDISK Directory where FMS stores data on disk.
If file striping is not used, all the data is stored in this directory. If file striping is used, "small" files are stored in this directory and large files are striped and stored in the stripe directories.
Default value: None. Must be specified if disk storage is used.
FMSDISKijk Directories where striped files are stored.
The Environment Variable FMSDISKijk specifies the directory for queue i, stripe j and volume k.
Default value: None. Must be specified when File Striping is used.
FMSPAGE Directory where the page file will be created.
When the FMS Parameter NOPAGE=0, a private page file is created in this directory.
Default value: None. Must be specified when a private page file is used.
FMSLIC Directory containing the license file.
FMS uses the following license files:
  • fmslic.txt, for production applications;
  • mwlic.txt, for MatrixWarrior;
  • exlic.txt, for programs DEMO and the EXAMPLE programs.
This specified the directory containing one (or more) of these files.
Default value: The current working directory.
FMSMAN Directory where the FMS manual is located.
If you have installed the FMS manual on your local system, this should be set to the directory containing file FMS_Manual.html.
Default value: Location of the FMS manual on the website.
FMSHTML Directory where Dashboard writes the performance reports.
When the FMS Parameter IWATCH is set, FMS generates a performance report in the FMSHTML directory. You may want to place this report on a cross-mounted disk, on a WEB server or other host with greater access than the machine currently used for running FMS.
Default value: The current working directory.
BROWSER WEB Browser to display Dashboard reports.
You may select which WEB Browser Dashboard uses to display the performance reports. The browser must be available on your system.
Default value(Linux): "firefox"
Default value(windows): The default value selected in your preferences.
FMSNVML Directory where the nvidia-smi program is located.
When GPUs are used (MAXGPU > 0), FMS must have access to the nvidia-smi program. If this program is missing or cannot be found, GPUs will not be used.
Default value: /usr/bin (Linux); C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVSMI (Windows).