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Compaq GS320 AlphaServer

Machine Description

Model Number AlphaServer GS320
Number of Processors 32
Processor Type Alpha EV67 at 731 MHz
Memory Installed (Gbytes) 192
Memory used by FMS (Gbytes) 32
Operating System Compaq Tru64 UNIX

Problem and Results

Code Used Example 11
Matrix Sparsity Full
Matrix Symmetry Nonsymmetric with pivoting
Data Type 16-byte Complex


Date Started 04/18/2001 04/18/2001 04/19/2001
Number of Equations 15,000 50,000 100,000
Matrix Storage Size (Gbytes) 7 55 183
File Location Memory Disk Disk
Factoring CPU Time (Days::Hr:Min:Sec) 2:31:21 3::11:08:28 27::20:54:58
Factoring Wall Time (Hr:Min:Sec) 7:21 2:56:35 23:19:15
I/O Wait Time (Hr:Min:Sec) 0 8:10 28:34
Megaflops per Processor 991 1,113 1,107
Overall Megaflops 20,421 31,463 31,763
Parellel Speedup 20.6 out of 32 28.2 out of 32 28.6 out of 32


  1. CPU Time is the total amount of User and System time used by all processors.
  2. Wall Time is the elapsed time measured on a dedicated machine. This includes the time spent processing and any time spent waiting for I/O to complete.
  3. I/O Wait Time is the total time spent waiting for I/O to complete that is not overlapped by asynchronous I/O.
  4. Megaflops per Processor is the theoretical number of floating point operations performed, divided by the CPU time. When reduced operation algorithms are used, this is based on the number of floating point operations that would have been performed by the traditional algorithm.
  5. Overall Megaflops is the total number of floating point operations performed, divided by the Wall Time.
  6. Parallel Speedup is overall increase in performance due to parallel processing.

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