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SGI Altix

Machine Description

Model Number SGI Altix 3700 Bx2
Processor Type Itanium-2 @ 1.6GHz
Number of Processors 128
Memory Installed 486 Gbytes
Memory Used by FMS 243 Gbytes
Disk Configuration XFS File System
(16) 36 Gb drives
(4) Controllers
(16) FMS Stripes
Direct I/O (FMS IOTYPE=2)
Operating System Linux 2.4.21-sgi304r1

Problem Description

Code Used Example 11
Matrix Sparsity Full
Matrix Symmetry Nonsymmetric
Data Type 16-byte Complex
Number of Equations 100,000 and 150,000
Number of Vectors 1
Reduced Operation Algorithms None (IALGOR=0)

Results for Complex Nonsymmetric Matrices

Number of
Storage Times (Day::Hr:Min:Sec) Megaflops Parallel
Loc. Gbytes CPU Wall I/O Wait CPU Overall
2/07/05 100,000 Disk 193.9 5::21:49:01 1:22:26 3:06 5,223 539,198 103.2
2/08/05 150,000 Disk 414.4 19::07:07:27 4:08:39 5:03 5,398 603,269 111.8


  1. CPU Time is the total amount of User and System time used by all processors.
  2. Wall Time is the elapsed time measured on a dedicated machine. This includes the time spent processing and any time spent waiting for I/O to complete.
  3. I/O Wait Time is the total time spent waiting for I/O to complete that is not overlapped by asynchronous I/O.
  4. Megaflops per Processor is the theoretical number of floating point operations performed, divided by the CPU time.
  5. Overall Megaflops is the total number of floating point operations performed, divided by the Wall Time.
  6. Parallel Speedup is overall increase in performance due to parallel processing.

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